If you want to enjoy your vacation and thinking to travel abroad, believe me, there is no better place on the earth then Spain. And to have a property in Spain, I mean if you are looking for an apartment for rent, it can be a daunting task for sure. But for such a beautiful part of the world, it is not a big price to offer. So just pack your luggage and be ready for a wonderful trip.

Spain is the land of beautiful beaches, heart melting natural sceneries and of course the unique and rich culture. Spain is known for many special things. Bull Fighting, Spanish Special Wine, Spanish Football and Tennis, Paella (special rice dish), and La Tomatina are some out of them. Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Zaragoza are the main cities of Spain and the Spanish is the national language over there.

In this article, we will discuss how to find an apartment for rent in Spain.

Important Things to Consider Having an Apartment for Rent or Property in Spain

  • Big houses, Big Money

Houses in Spain are huge. It is difficult to find a house less than 5 or 6 bedrooms alongside the country. It is because Spanish people love their families and the like to live in the joint family system. If you want to have Property in Spain, or looking for an apartment over there, you have to rent for a whole floor. Yes, there can be small houses but still, they call it “Piso” (floor).

  • Impossible to Have Property in Spain on the Internet

It can be a daunting task to find a property in Spain or to search an apartment over there. Thousands of websites will offer you to find an apartment for rent to you but in my personal experience, it is nearly impossible. All you can do is to wander around in your target town and look for a signboard of “en Alquailer” (means available for rent) hanging around a window or beside the door.

The funniest part of the story is nobody speaks English. If you find one signboard, you are lucky. If you don’t, look for the “Immobilaria” (real estate office) and ask them to search one for you. It will still be a struggling task for you as nobody speaks English but you can at least explain them by your hand gestures to let them know what you want.

  • Rental Leases are Available for One Year Minimum

It is really a sign of worry if you want to have property in Spain or apartment for rent over there for 6 months or less than a year. Leases are available for one year so you have to pay for the whole year as rent. If you still wanna go, go big. Nobody will rent you for less than a year.

  • Most Painful Part of the Story Yet To Come

All the utilities and rental payments will be made through a Spanish bank account. To open a Spanish bank account, you need to have Spanish residential address. And to have a Spanish address, you’ll need to have the permission to reside in Spain. And last but not the least, to have a permission to reside in Spain; it should be the permission to reside in Spain for the whole year. Haha

So all I can say at the end in this regard is BEST of LUCK.