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Despite the recession, the cruise industry continues to perform well and forecasts continued growth in 2011. Cruises offer passengers flexibility, allowing them to adapt their holiday to their own individual liking. Cruise ships are becoming increasingly more luxurious, catering for every need and a new standard of cruise is on the horizon.

Another way in which the industry is changing shape and form is most notably the ‘no fly’ cruise, an increasingly popular option for those travellers who do not wish to fly. Nineteen cruise lines sailed from British ports in the summer of 2010 to cater for these travellers. Search activity for the term ‘cruises from Southampton’ is witnessing rising interest Cruise Trend.

So why is the ‘no fly cruise’ the current trend?

Airports: Who can honestly say the hustle and bustle of the airport, the check-in times, the waiting around, the tight security, the sky-high price of a cup of tea, the potential jet lag does not bother them? Take the airport out of the equation and you’re already on track for a less stressful start to your holiday.

Flight taxes: With the increase in flight taxes, the flight can cost more than the cruise. To get as many cruising days as possible for your money, cruise from home.

External factors: The volcanic ash cloud, airline strikes, all played a part this year in putting a dampener on people’s holidays. However, none of which had an impact on the ‘no fly cruise’. Those in fear of having their long-awaited holidays ruined may benefit from opting for the ‘no fly cruise’.