Vending machines are being used in all races of life nowadays. Because of this life is getting automated and easy in many ways. In our previous posts, we have already discussed that what are the vending machines, how a vending machine works and when the vending machine came into being.

Now we will discuss the most common uses of vending machines in our domestic life to understand its functionality the better way.

Below are some common examples of how the vending machines are being used in our routine life.

  • Cigarettes Vending Machine

It is one of the very common and most frequent uses of a vending machine. In recent past cigarettes were sold through these machines across the United States, but there was a serious concern because of the underage buyers. Therefore, it has been tackle through the requirement of the pass insertion into the machine to prove the age of the buyer. However, in UK, Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic it is still normal except the Germany and Italy where the age verification is mandatory.

All around the world, the appreciated age for the buyer is above 18. The huge numbers of cigarettes vending machines are installed in pubs, caf├ęs, airports and other public places in mentioned countries. The usage of these machines is increasing day by day in the developing countries too.

By using these machines you can avail the tobacco products at anytime anywhere.

  • Condom Vending machine

A condom or a birth control machines are also very common nowadays for the sale of condoms or other birth control products such as emergency contraception or female condom etc. These types of vending machines can be often seen in public toilets, airports, subway stations, school, colleges, and universities as a public health measure by the authorities to promote safe sex.

Besides this, many pharmaceutical stores also keep such machines outside to avail the required products in off hours. The most recent example of such machines that exists is dispensing of female condom or the morning after pill.

  • Change Machine

This type of vending machine is mostly used in big departmental stores, casinos, night clubs and gambling bars. It accepts the large denominations of currency and changes it with the equal amount of smaller notes or coins. Commonly these machines are used to provide the coins in exchange of the paper currency.

Because of this, these machines are also known as bill changes or note changes.

  • Full Line Vending Machine

It is a set up of various vending machines that sell a wide range of products such as candy, chips, cookies, milk, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, hot drinks, cold drinks, soda cans or frozen products like ice cream.

These types of products can be sold from different types of vending machines like bottle machines or glass-front bottle machines. In the United States, almost all vending machines are accepting the notes instead of coins which are a good and convenient thing. Usually, they accept $5 bills. Besides the buyers, this is also an advantage for vendors because it virtually eliminates the need for a bill changer vending machine.

Therefore, large scaled corporations with cafeterias prefer the full line vending machines with the food services.