Google Glass is one of the most anticipated products after half a decade. iPads, iPhone 5 created this kind of hype earlier and now its Google’s time for showdown. Earlier, Google planned couple of events to engage much crowd in their project. “If I Had Glass Competition”, “How it Feels” are the examples of their popularity contests. Now, they’re asking for $1,500 for their Glass which will be released in the next year. But, let us tell you that Google Glass is not the first device to engage such mayhem in eye-level device for communication and projecting information. We’ve seen pretty cool spy gadgets, Contact Lenses, Glass Imitators which hold this kind of ideas. We can call such devices as the alternatives to Google Glass which is still on the thread to cut off loose to the market in the hands of the consumers. Let’s start discussing about those products.

  1. Vuzix M100 Smart Glass

This latest device from Vuzix can be a perfect competitor for Google Glass. The most amazing thing about this product is their prize. You can get this device under $500 which is one-third of the Google Glass. It has the potential to surpass Google Glass if it doesn’t hide itself under the shades of Glass. It’s an Android device with full functionality of head-up display.

  1. Epson Moverio BT-100 

Well, Epson has made its way out of printers and scanners; now they’ve stepped into the creative world to deliver utmost performance for the viewers who like to watch TV. It’s more like a home-entertainment system which lets you put up a glass and watch TV, 3D movies and videos as well as surfing the internet. You don’t need to wait for this product as this one’s available right now and it has much potential to grab your attention since it can be controlled a device which looks like TV. It comes with the idea of taking the home entertainment and Movie Theater in front of your eyes. You can get this product right away and it’s priced at $699.99.

  1. Innovega iOptik Contacts 

This augmented reality contact lenses was funded by The National Science Foundation and The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. These lenses will provide lots of information of the soldiers who are in motion and this information will come handy to the field captains and the soldiers to make a move as quickly as the situation changes. According to the report of TechNewsDaily, this product will be available within 2015. An estimated price of this device is $500.

  1. Golden-I Police Pro

Gadgets for military and police departments are not new now-a-days and for those crazy cops who want to have their hands on these cool gadgets, can consider Golden-I Police Pro. The most amazing thing about this device is a see-through feature which lets you see through walls via infrared technology. It also features face recognition as transfers the data immediately to their comrades. The price and availability is still unknown.

Hope you’ve loved our review on the same ideas as alternatives to Google Glass.